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Syndicate Free Keygen + Full Game

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Syndicate Free Keygen + Full Game

Description :
In 2069. Developed countries do not control the government and megacorporations - syndicates, divided the world into spheres of influence. Syndicates have revolutionized the field of data management: users are now looking forward and the information and control technology with chips implanted into the nervous system.
Millions of people have contacted the representative syndicates to get the chips, along with housing, medical care, employment, education, banking and entertainment. Instead syndicates have an unprecedented control over people's lives. Government lost influence, and the syndicates began the war with one another, striving for total domination of the market.
At the forefront of this war are agents,by means of genetic modification and new technologies. Play the role of Miles Kelo - a syndicate of agents' Evrokorp ": Enjoy a risky venture, full of cruelty, treachery and revenge.

Gameplay with the chip. Slow down time, see through walls, break, control and dispose of your digital devices with the help of technology DART6, allowing to directly interact with the database.
The joint network play for up to 4 participants. Create your own syndicate, and fight for world domination in the company of three like-minded people in nine missions based on the cult Project Syndicate.
First-person shooter. Use an arsenal of futuristic weapons and armor to kill enemies and try to get their technology to use them for the benefit of the corporation.
Science Fiction. Become a hero of the extremely topical stories in the world Syndicate 2069, created a popular writer Richard Morgan.

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Syndicate Free Keygen + Full Game

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Syndicate Free Keygen + Full Game

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