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Risen 2 Dark Waters Demo Keygen

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Risen 2 Dark Waters Demo Keygen


The pirates of Arborea’s Southern Seas are bold and daring buccaneers. But the return of the Titans is threatening to bring maritime trade to a standstill, which would also put sailors’ livelihood at risk. That’s why the sailors are either joining up with one of the last five pirate captains and hoping to win themselves fame and glory on the raids against the Inquisition, or they’re turning their backs on the sea once and for all and trying to make a living on land. You’ll find these scoundrels and cutthroats everywhere on the Southern Seas, particularly in Antigua, the pirates’ main supply harbour. Rumour is that they’ve already built up another stronghold in Tacarigua, and that the rum there is the best you’ll find anywhere in the Southern Seas.


Gnomes aren’t a warlike people, but are rather viewed by many as simply a bunch of thieves. They collect everything which isn’t nailed down. Therefore, the home of the gnomes is called “The Isle of Thieves”, and is located in the South Seas. Of course, gnomes are not only to be found here, but on many other islands. The reason for this is simple: as soon as a gnome has reached a certain age they are sent by their shaman to set out on a “great journey” to find a unique item of unique value – the “Auri Culci”. This item is used for their eventual funeral as a burial object, so that no gnome is empty-handed on the “Day of Reckoning”. Since no gnome knows exactly what object it is until they have actually found it, they will ruthlessly collect everything they can find, even if it belongs to someone else, which is indeed often the case.

Times have changed and these dramatic developments won’t spare the gnomes. The necessity of the human expansion, the “Storm of the Titans” and ancient fears threaten the small people of sticky fingers.

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Risen 2 Dark Waters Demo Keygen

Download Risen 2 Dark Waters Demo Keygen

Risen 2 Dark Waters Demo Keygen
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